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Manual vs. Automated Testing has always been a point of debate among software professionals but what are really the benefits of Automated Software Testing you may ask.

What exactly is Automated Testing?

Essentially, Test Automation is using code to create a program that performs automated tests for your software. The difference to manual testing is instead of actually performing the test one creates an automated testing scenario and is supervising it.

Test automation is, therefore, most common used for regression testing, which seeks out new bugs in a program and separates them. (Regression tests are very tedious and time-consuming)

One other area of code-driven testing is user simulation to replicate typical user interaction using automated keystrokes and mouse clicks where the software GUI response is recorded and analyzed.

Keys to Automated GUI Testing and Continuous Integration

There are certain factors and keys to successful automated GUI testing and continuous integration:

How you move through the application and enter data
How you detect state changes and failure conditions
How the automation tool lets you change your tests, so you can quickly keep up with UI changes
Having a software tool which supports continuous integration and runs tests unattended

With this points in mind the most significant benefits from automated GUI testing are: Continue Reading (Click Here)


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