Hi Squish Users!

Checkout some of the new features coming in Squish here!

As members of the Squish user community, we would like to share with you our upcoming features. In Squish 6.1 we are implementing:

New Window Convenience script functions for:
  1. Desktop. Implemented as wrapper-independent script functions to maximize, minimize, resize and move windows.
  2. Mobile. Implemented as wrapper-independent script functions to change the display orientation.

Visual Testing & Capture Object Snapshot with:
  1. A script API to collect, or dump, the current object tree of a window, form, etc.
  2. The first implementation of a verification point type to verify entire window based on the object dump. Offering customizable strictness for content, topology, geometry, visual and rendering.

Clipboard access with:
  1. Convenience functions allow reading and writing text from and to the system clipboard, respectively.

  1. Added support for QtWebEngine (which replaces QtWebKit)

An improved installer with:
  1. A modernized look & feel
  2. A Start Menu Item entry on Windows
  3. An unattended command-line installer option

Watch for follow-up posts to learn more about the upcoming features and examples of working with the new window convenience functions, visual testing & object snapshot capturing.

Learn more here: