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Squish tip of the week: Validating all scenarios of a list object

Need to validate all options in a particular scenario in your application?
For example a list which triggers another event.

The following example takes list values and validates the exacted text appears when the value is selected:

BDD Test Case (Feature File)

Feature: Product details lookup

  Looking up product description

   Scenario Outline: Verify details for selected project
   Given the application is loaded
   When I select product '<Product>' to evaluate
   Then the related product '<Product>' text '<Description>' appears
     | Product 		| Description  		| 
     | Qt   		| Test Qt, QML and QtQuick and 4JS GDC applications on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, embedded Linux, WinCE, QNX and other RTOSes |
     | Java 		| Test AWT, Swing, SWT, RCP, Eclipse and JavaFx applications on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix-based systems.  |
     | Coco             | C/C++, C# and Tcl code coverage (commercial evaluation) |
Test Script (Implementation File)
Given("the application is loaded", function(context, Product, Description) {

When("I select product '|any|' to evaluate", function(context, product, description) {
    productString = getItemFullStringValue(":froglogic   Evaluate Squish.d[product]_select-one", product)  
    selectOption(waitForObject(":froglogic   Evaluate Squish.d[product]_select-one"), productString);

Then("the related product '|any|' text '|any|' appears", function(context, Product, Description) {
        waitFor("object.exists(':froglogic   Evaluate Squish.productdescription_SPAN')", 20000);
        test.compare(findObject(":froglogic   Evaluate Squish.productdescription_SPAN").simplifiedInnerText, Description);

function getItemFullStringValue(obj, subStr){
    listObj = waitForObject(obj);
    listObjArray = listObj.options();
    subStrRegex = new RegExp(subStr, "i");
    for(var i=0; i < listObjArray.length; i++){
        fullString = listObjArray.at(i).text;
          test.log("String found at index " + i + ".");
          return fullString;
    test.fail("Sub-string " + subStr + " not found.");
    return false;
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