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Did you know that you can automate your existing BDD test scenarios using Squish 6.0?

Have any existing scenarios in Gherkin? If not, no worries, creating them is as easy as writing in your native language.

Automate your BDD scenarios in 3 easy steps:

  1. Copy and paste (or write) the Gherkin scenario in a Squish BDD Test Case
        Feature: Valid conversion
            Scenario Outline: Convert meter in centimeter
                Given the Unit Converter is running
                When I enter 378.9
                And choose to convert from Meters
                And choose to convert to Centimeters
                And click Convert
                Then 37890 should be displayed in the result field
  2. Click Record
  3. Follow the Control Bar as it walks you through recording each step in the scenario
    image from blog post:

Thatís it! Your BDD scenario is automated. Just click Run to play it back!

- Watch this 10 minute video to learn more

- Or request an evaluation of Squish 6.0 Beta, and follow the online tutorials:
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  2. Click Tutorial: Designing Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Tests

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