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Squish tip of the week: Use data to validate endless scenarios

You’ve most likely heard of data-driven tests. A key term often used in Automated GUI Testing.

But did you realize the power a set of data can provide within a single test case?

Take a simple example of enrolling a user in a membership-based program. Within the few registration fields, many variables exist:

- What are all valid characters in each given field?
- What are the invalid characters in each given field?
- Minimum number of characters
- Maximum number of characters
- Must the field contain specific characters, such as an @ symbol?
- Is each given field required? Or under what circumstances is each given field required?
- etc.

Using a single iterating test case, a set of input data, as well as the anticipated result, you can validate a large set of business rules, or features/requirements.
Now imagine validating each of these scenarios manually…

Think of an area in your application where your testing could greatly benefit from such a scenario. Incorporate the test, among others, in your build process, and measure the testing duration savings!

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