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Squish tip of the week: How to determine if a checkbox is checked?

You can check the state of a checkbox, radio button, or the property of any other object or widget using Squish.

Using a test.compare() Verification Point
The line below looks at the object :Controls.My_CheckBox and indicates if the verification point passed or failed: passed if the checkbox is checked, and failed if the checkbox isnít checked:
test.compare(findObject(":Controls.My_CheckBox").checked, True)
Using <object>.<property>
You can also save an objectís properties to a variable, and access the properties in your script. The example below saves the objectís properties to checkBoxToVerify, afterwhich it logs a message indicating if the checkbox is checked or unchecked:
checkBoxToVerify = waitForObject(":Controls.My_CheckBox")
if checkBoxToVerify.checked:
    test.log("Checkbox already checked")
    test.log("Checkbox not checked")
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