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Changed Object? No Problem!
Squish can help you update objects in your Object Map
Hereís How:

1 Locate the item to update in the Object Map
- a Manually navigate the Object Map for object
- b Right-click objectís Symbolic Name in script and select Open Symbolic Name

2 Start your application using Squish
- a Click Launch AUT and navigate to the area in your application where the object to update exists
- b OR set and run to a breakpoint in your script where the object to update exists

3 Pick the object in the AUT and copy the objectís Real Name
- a Click the Pick tool in the Application Objects window
- b When the AUT appears, click the object of interest
- c When the Application Objects window returns, right-click the highlighted object and select Copy Real Name

4 Update the Real Name
- a Return to the Object Map
- b With the object of interest still highlighted, click Replace Real Name

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