Squish tip of the week: Timesavers for testing Multi-lingual Qt Applications

Did you know you can test your Qt application across languages without creating localized scripts for each language?

As with many things in Squish, implementation options exist. You and your team can decide which approach works best for you.

1 - Avoiding ‘translatable’ object properties to identify objects
2 - Auto-translate objects using SQUISH_TRANSLATION_AWARE_LOOKUP
3 - Programmatically translate objects using Qt’s translation mechanism for internationalization (i18n)

While this scenario applies to Qt-based applications, similar approaches can be taken (excluding the i18n functionality), to test non-Qt applications by using a repository containing translations. Programmatically translate objects within scripts, loading the translations to each language-specific object map.

For implementation details see Testing internationalized (i8n) Qt applications