Squish tip of the week: Create cross-platform tests automatically | froglogic blog

Did you know cross-platform and cross-browser apps can be automated using the same Squish tests?

Consider for instance a Java or Qt application:
- The application is cross-platform
- The application runs on Linux, Mac and Windows, etc.
- Shouldn’t your test framework also be cross-platform?

How about a Web application?
- All operating system and browser combinations should be validated.
- Why not using a single set of automated tests?

Using Squish you can:
- Create and execute Java or Qt application tests across Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows
- Create and execute Web application tests across any of the following OS and Browser combinations*:
-- Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows
-- Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera and Mobile devices
- Create tests that work with the toolkit, its objects and their properties, and do not rely on fuzzy image comparison algorithms.

* Not all browsers may be available on all operating systems (for example Internet Explorer)