Did you know you can automatically create or update a JIRA issue to contain information from your Squish test results?
Checkout our latest blog entry see a video demonstration and learn more!

Excerpt from blog entry:
Use Squish’s xml2jira tool to:

- Create a new JIRA issue
- Update an existing JIRA issue
- Add Squish test suite status results in a JIRA issue Description
- Add Squish test suite summary results for in the JIRA issue Comments

Using the Squish command-line interface or an integration to schedule and run tests unmanned, simply call the xml2jira tool to push your results to JIRA. The following example adds the status and summary contained in the result.xml file to an issue and attaches the complete result.xml file to the JIRA ticket as well:

xml2jira --server http://jiraserver --user admin --password admin --project A --reportfile C:\result.xml --attachSquishReport

- Watch a video demonstration
- Read more about the xml2jira tool