Does your App use multi-touch gestures? Successfully automate those gestures using Squish 5.1 - due to release this quarter.

Check out the details in this blog posting: Multi-touch gesture support in Squish 5.1 | froglogic blog

Until Squish version 5.0, Squish supported recording and replaying of keyboard, mouse and single-touch events only. With the rise of smartphones, tablets and more sophisticated embedded user interfaces, the demand to also allow recording and emulation of multi-touch gestures as part of automated GUI tests steadily increased.
More specifically, until recently, only two specific gestures were recorded by Squish, such as touchAndDrag and longPressAndDrag in Squish for Android and similar commands in other Squish editions. While this suffices for most interactions, it lacked the curved path support as well as multi-finger and touch-size pressure variations. Support for these more complex gestures will become available for Squish for Android, Qt and iOS in the upcoming Squish 5.1 release.