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Reduce Test Maintenance and Test Creation Time using PageObjects

To make your Automated GUI Test framework more valuable, not to mention easier to maintain and expand, maintainability must be improved, and at times the ability to include multiple resources.

A PageObject design approach improves test maintenance and enables various skill sets to participate due to its division of Business and Technical layers.

- Business or less-technical user?
You know the product well, but may have a limited scripting background. Your product knowledge is invaluable, and now you can create tests to exercise portions of the product you find critical, all without complex scripting.

- Developer or Scripting-experienced user?
You know the code well or perhaps have a programming or scripting background. However, you may be less familiar with how the tool is actually used by end users. You can design and produce the technical layer of actions, which are called (repeatability) from the Business layer to perform various tests.

The combination of these skills create an optimal team for this approach, and even without such a skill combination, PageObjects can dramatically improve the maintainability of your framework, as well as make it faster and easier to produce new tests.

How is this done? Read more in our KB Article - Using a Page Object design pattern with Squish - froglogic Knowledge Base