Adaptive Automated GUI Testing - Producing Test Frameworks to Withstand Change

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Although QA and Development managers may see many challenges in creating an automated GUI testing framework, it is possible to make a test framework that is both effective and maintainable. Challenges a QA or Development manager may consider include:

- How can I ensure the framework provides additional value?
- Can automated GUI testing work with the kind of software I test?
- How can I ensure the test framework effectively detects regressions?
- How can I ensure the framework remains useful as my product evolves?
- Will ongoing maintenance take too much time?

Solutions exist for all of these questions, but it does require strategic planning, participation from all departments, and buy-in from all team members. This article will describe and give examples of some considerations to help design a test framework that produces adaptive tests and enables teams to keep up with the evolution of today’s software industry.

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