In order to test an application developped on Qt5.1 (MVSC10), I installed the appropriate Squish (5.0, QT51x, Win32, MVSC10).
The problem is that, whatever I try to do, I can't either start my software with "Launch AUT" or attach it to the running application.

I checked the Qt version I used in order to compile, it is a Desktop QT5.1 MSVC10 Win32, running on a 32b computer.
Also, the application, alone, can be launched without Qt installed.

Willing to hook Squish to the application, I basically launch the application because :
- Following part 15.7. of the documentation (15.7.*Hooking into the Sub-Processes run by an AUT, and Attaching to Running Applications), I would need to start using...
startaut --port=9144 (the one I selected) project.exe
However, using this made my software crash, doing the initial dll preloads but having "ERROR : could not initialize the attachable watcher hook".

- Using an --uses-builtin-hook doesn' work either, the software is launched but when I try to hook by launching the test (attachToApplication and correctly set in Manage AUT...), one of the error displayed in the squishserver is :
S: Preload (70320045): wrapper: D:\Squish\squish-5.0-20130708-1018-qt51x-win32-msvc10\bin\squishqtwrapper.dll hnd: 00000000
S: Preload (70320045): Loading Qt Wrapper failed: Le module sp�cifi� est introuvable. (The specified module could not be found)
The classic error telling me I may link against an incompatible Qt library is also displayed. However, it is not the case.

My application used to work using startaut but isn't working anymore. The tests are written and correct, I already used them before and it was working perfectly. I don't know what change in my environnement so I ask here, after I look for informations on the Internet.

I'm available to any information. Thank you in advance for investigating in my case,