I recently wrote a simple Google Chrome extension that enables all disabled elements of a website (and other client side validation as "maxlength" attribute and etceteras). Its other function is to make visible all hidden elements of a webpage. Now the extension has these two features, the next step is to allow the user to choose which elements to unblock / unveil. I found quite a lot of interesting things with it and even got surprised to see that some validations were only performed on the UI. So I thought to share this with you all; you might find it handy, specially when exploring rights and roles implementations and status validations.
The extension is called LazySec and can be downloaded for free at the Chrome Web Store, here => https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...pgkdakkfmgeggp

Also, reviews, comments and suggestions are gladly welcome.
Hope you achieve something with it!

Best regards,