I have read many posts on that subject and saw figures like X developers for Y testers. But in these posts, I find the context not enough precise.

First of all they talk about men, does that mean this should be the same ratio when converted into days? I guess so but I am not so sure.

Then I wonder what is taken into account as a developer work for these ratios :
a) The developer does no testing at all?
b) The developer does unit testing?
c) The developer does integration testing?

In my company developers
1. write detailed specifications of what they are going to develop
2. develop what they specified
3. do unit testing
4. do integration testing
5. do not write the documentation : it is another team

Then the product is delivered to an acceptance team who "simulates" a customer. This team does functional, interoperability, performance, load and stress testing.

Should I count steps 3 & 4 of developers work in my testing part of the ratio?
Then I would say we have about 1:1 in my company (if I count in days).

But if count steps 3 & 4 of developers work in my development part of the ratio I would get about 3:1

Is there any book, article on the net that deals precisely with this subject?

Gilles [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]