I am working on a way to properly include the test activities before the project begins and to get the right number of hours for testing. As it's been so far, the project manager has just guessed and written a number of hours taken from the air with no anchoring to the real world at all. Now the idea is that I'll be helping our sellers and project managers in the process of cost estimating before a project starts. The result is a Excel sheet with all project activities incl. test. How will I make test visible and make testing as important activities and present good estimates?

Is there any way to include test in a good way, in a project cost estimating? Should I print out all the test activities so the customer can see them? The risk is that the customer can oppose the estimated hours and activities because they do not want to pay an "excessive" amount of money, since they mostly do not understand the purpose of the test. I have met customers who say "Please remove these hours and save money for us, we can test that ourselves!" and then when the project is running, they do not know how to test at all.. I do not want that to happen and how do I avoid it?

So, what's a good estimation calculation? Is it good to create different types of testing "packages" depending on what the customer wants to pay and what kind of quality is wanted? Paying more = greater quality.

I also wonder, how many per cent testing of the development time is good? F.eg. if we spend 100 hours developing, should X hours be spent on testing?

Many questions here. Thanks!