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    Release Lead Responsibilities

    My company is rolling out a new release of our product( v4.0 to v4.2). I have been assigned as a "Release Lead".
    I would like to know what could be the best practices/methodology that can be implemented to make it a bugfree s/w.

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    Re: Release Lead Responsibilities

    It is rather late to think about "bugfree" after a release - correct? Also, if you can ever craft "bugfree" software, you will be an instant "eHero" and accumulate wealth beyond your dreams. If you want software of high-quality and low software disorder, you need to get many key people and stakeholders involved. Typically, release leads have little influence over software quality. It takes $$, empowerment, commitment, and organizational teaming to produce quality software - not an individual. If you are the only person charged with quality software, you are pretty much guaranteed failure.

    The answer to your question is very large and found in countless books. Here are some links:

    I suggest you also peruse here:



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