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    Test Approach...

    I've recently moved into a position where I am doing more test project work than the actual manual or automated testing effort. I'm hoping this group can assist with my learning experience:

    I've created my high level test scenarios based upon the Business Requirements and am now moving towards creating my detailed test plan. I need someone's wisdom on creating the "test approach" for the test plan. The company I work for is a very large international company so I need to consider all impacted systems which include all the various regions (Europe, Latin America, USA). Since the project is so large, I just cannot get my head around bringing this whole test approach together. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or the best way to bring sanity to such a large test effort?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Test Approach...

    Hi devtester,

    I don't think that you require words of wisdom here, but to simply approach this project like you would every other project regardless of its size. Use your regular testing approach and plan your strategy based on your requirements, risks, constraints and assumptions; for example I mainly use this testing project planning approach , but should choose your own.

    The only additional piece of advice would be to divide and conquer, if your project is too big and you feel that you cannot plan it (and/or manage it) in one chunk, try breaking it down in smaller sub-projects. You will still need to aggregate the complete strategic plan to make sure all the bits fit, but this way you can do the tactical planning, execution and follow-ups from a smaller perspective.

    I would suggest not letting the size blur your vision, just make sure to have the proper organization and coordination.

    Good Luck!
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