Hi guys

I am not sure if this post is on correct place but my request is to keep it here as many manager and senior testers might view this forum.

Basically I have been given a responsibility to lead a project for hot-fix testing (global support). After some discussion with colleagues I have decided to develop a process to help Test Team and G.Sopport Team to work together. One of the requirements of that process is for Global support to produce a requirement document for the Test Team in order to carry on with the test plan and testing, now as this is my idea so I was told to design a document but I have never design Global support requirement document.

<font color="blue">Question:- Can any one help me to design such document and inform me which important things need to be declared by Global support in that document.</font>

My Idea:-
For Global Support to note down the following before starting to code

* indicate Ticket-number
* describe the original problem
* Steps to reproduce the problem
* describe the solution of the problem
* solved by who (mean who will code the patch)
* Database attach
* indicate the functionalities that are affected by the problem.

Thank you in Advance.