Hi all

I've been assigned to write a Test Plan and I've never done it before.
The idea is to (re)organize the QA of Oracle Financials e-Business Suite for my employer.

When the users have an issue, they contact support through IM or Telephone.
Support decides if they raise a ticket or solve the issue at the moment.
In some cases support/dev/business analysts are the same person.

Test cases are written in .doc, stored locally in each pc and ran only once. Until now there's no Regression testing. Because of the volatility of the data, some times scripts get useless after one test.

We're going to use HP QC in order to unify the test scripts database among other things.

There's almost no modification of the code, the customization is done through the settings of the application.

I'd like to ask for help and guidance on how to approach this. What kind of questions should I ask to the actual Oracle team and how to start giving a shape to this.