When I find a bug, I spend way too much time searching for old bugs (to avoid writing a duplicate).

Does anyone know of any search tools that do some sort of intelligent search. What I'm looking for is something like a web search where a person types in a bunch of words (because sometimes defect write-ups use acronyms, sometimes spelled out, sometimes misspelled words), and then the defects that match the most of the terms would be returned on top of the list of matches, and then the lesser matches would be listed.

Hope this makes sense, I don't know the terms I should use. I haven't tried using the keyword feature of our Defect Tracking tool (if it has one) because I assume that the authors of the defects will have had to fill that info in, and I'm sure none of the testers in my team do that.

The 'find' features of our tool (Test Track Pro) requires a lot of effort to use multiple terms in the 'advanced find', and requires repetitive searching for each term using the easier find feature.

Thanks for any leads or suggestions for a better search process!