I'm the head of the QA in the company i'm working for. We are using bugzilla. But i have two small problems.
1# is it possible, that bugzilla write in the log which status was active when a comment was made, or better write in the log, when status is changed? So i can see, if a bug is playing ping-pong between QA-Department and development.

2# Can i create a list or search which will give me all information of all bugs. Yes i know it can be very long, but i try from time to time to read all bugs (mostly on a train ride or on fly to another local branch of our company)about to say there e.g. take look a bug 165, it has the wrong status or your comment is rediculus nothing saying. ( I do this every time with a big smile on my face, but some times it is good to show "big brother is watching you and i see every thing" [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] )

M. Böll