WebAsyst Issue Tracking is a web-based system designed for tracking work orders, tasks, defects, bugs and other various nature issues. It allows you to manage your customer and project lists, define a scope of work for every project, set start and due date, provide cost estimation, organize issue(s), task(s), bug(s) into distinct work orders.

Workflow process is customizable individually for every work and you can easily accommodate it to your organization's specific. Issue list can be filtered to display only entries which meet your specific conditions. Filters are personal and once created can be applied to all projects. You can attach unlimited number of files to issue description when creating issue or forwarding it in accordance to workflow (routing) scheme.

Every issue can be assigned to a project member responsible for its implementation. Assigned person receives e-mail notification on added/modified/deleted issue either in HTML or plain text format. Pending Issues Report allows easy to detect stuck (pending) issues and send remind notification to assigned personnel.

Printer-friendly reports. Gantt Charts to see a waterfall of works and major project milestones on one page. Use Project Statistics report to control project progress, cost estimates grouped by works and overdue work summary. Issue Statistics Matrix gives you quick access to different reports which allow you to get issue lists for various combinations of parameters: project, work, issue status, assigned person etc.

Multilingual and template based interface. Accessible anytime from anywhere via standard web-browser (HTML client) or by means of light and easy to use WebAsyst Windows Client program (SOAP client).

WebAsyst Issue Tracking is available for hosting (30-day free trial) on the monthly subscription basis or can be purchased in sources (PHP) to be hosted on your corporate or personal web-server.

For more information please visit www.webasyst.net