Vendor Post from Sesame Technology - makers of ExtraView

My company (Sesame) recently released a newer integration for ExtraView and Perforce. It is a time-triggered direct ExtraView API to Perforce API connection works in the background regardless of which Perforce client you use. So no need for P4DTI and all that comes with it. Standard things are there like changelist relation to ExtraView issues and automatic job creation based on field value combinations. Then there’s some neat stuff in there like ‘one click’ hot links to related Perforce/ExtraView records, custom field mapping, etc. etc.

The ‘official’ announcements, newsletters, etc will go out soon, but some of you (and your ideas) helped us build this and I thought you might be interested.

Give a call if you want to know more, or have a look at some screen shots or an overview PDF.

As always, keep the ideas coming. We're listening.

Michael Stebbins
ExtraView Evangelist
(831) 461-7100

ExtraView is a highly adaptable Web-based tracking engine especially tuned for enterprise-level projects involving engineering, test, quality assurance, and service teams.