We are about to release a pretty cheap bug tracker (first version will only be available in app version not in web) for Windows in the coming months.

I am looking for a few suggestions, hints, tips and comments from people that have developped a defect tracking application and have beta tested their app. How did you proceed, did you encounter problems, etc.

We are also about to look for beta testers. As of now we support the following database backends: Oracle 9i, MySQL 3.51 and higher, DB2 7.x and higher, SQL Server 2000. But since our persistence layer is quite flexible, porting it to another database would probably not require more than a day of work.

If you're interested, you can email me at:

lamnethsoftware [at] canada [dot] com


In the same vein, we're also interested in knowing what are the most popular databases as your defect tracking backend. I have created a quick-and-dirty poll at this URL:


Thank you