*** Vendor Reply from Sesame Technology - makers of ExtraView ***

I wrote up a small, one way integration between ExtraView and MS Outlook. It creates tasks in my Outlook task view for each record assigned to me in ExtraView.

It's written in Perl, and can be extended to do all sorts of cool things with Outlook. A version in Visual Basic would eliminate the need for Perl... Any volunteers to translate?

For the ExtraView wizards, here's a direct link to the script source.. And then for the more colorful version, here's link to a screen shot , the source code, and some explanation.

Even though I work for Sesame, this isn't an 'official' supported part of the product(There are already Outlook-> ExtraView integrations supported by Sesame via custom forms and email parsing). Also, this doesn't require administrator access to setup or use.

This is something simpler I thought some of you could use. Enjoy.

Michael Stebbins
ExtraView Evangelist
(831) 461-7100

ExtraView is a highly adaptable Web-based tracking engine especially tuned for enterprise-level projects involving engineering, test, quality assurance, and service teams.

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