Howdy. I've got an interesting sitch at a client. The background is, they are using gnats to track bugs and are pretty happy with that. They have an all-Windows desktop environment in QA (the product is Widows clients and *nix servers), but some developers use Linux desktops when working from home.

The QA mgr wants to track test case execution and I want to track project "health" (i.e., which func spec items are passing test cases in which build), which gnats doesn't let us do.

Developers perform the bulk of black-box testing at this company. (Please, no lectures about the advisability of this, I'm working with what I have. :-) )

One option is, a developer (or maybe me) builds a simple web app to show testers the test case descriptions for a func spec item and lets them record success/failure/cannot test and notes, then let the QA mgr run reports on that.

They're conflicted. They don't want to build if they can avoid it, but it's a light project.

Without going to a full commercial bug tracking solution, can anyone think of a web-based (or Linux and Windows friendly) app that will:
<LI> Maintain a list of test case descriptions
<LI> Let QA the manager assign test cases to developers to test (preferably by functional area) for a given build/test period
<LI> Show testers the TC assigned to them for a given build/test period
<LI> Let testers record TC status for a given build/test period
<LI> Not drag in a whole defect tracking or CM system
<LI> Cost less to buy, configure, and maintain than one developer writing an ASP/Access DB app[/list]

I'd be really grateful not to have to develop this myself :-)

Needless to say, this client is not using a feature database to track functional requirements.

Is there a good app for tracking build health in general, even with higher overhead? I can't recommend that they move to a full-featured product that requires a complete process shift, and I'm not convinced most entrepreneurial teams benefit from a heavyweight functional requirement tracking tool, but I don't know of a tool that does what I want at all.

The QA mgr's goal is for developers to read test cases, follow them (black box), and check off results.

My goals is for the leads to put a list on the wall of what works and what doesn't.


Seth Morris.