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    How to Make Test Cases

    Does any body Guide me , How To Make test Cases For any Project is there is any Specific Format for that , Iam highly Grateful to You if anybody send me the Test copy of any Test Cases , So that it Guide me to How To make test Cases.

    Danish Shabbir
    Danish Shabbir

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    Re: How to Make Test Cases

    Hello There,
    you can check in the web page www.stickyminds.com and search for the article "Test Desing". This is the title of the article, it should be easy for you to find it..

    Good luck!

    Claudia G. Rodriguez
    Claudia G. Rodriguez

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    Re: How to Make Test Cases

    Sure there is a standard format. Other than that any person can make there own format too, but for sure there would be the following fields.

    ================================================== ==================================

    Test Case ID | Test Condition | Expected Result | Actual Result | Status(P/F)

    ================================================== ==================================

    Hope this will help you..

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    Re: How to Make Test Cases

    Hello again,
    Regarding format of test cases. We use mainly two documents:
    1)Test Cases document
    2)Test Result Record

    In 1) we have the test step ID, the action and the expected result.
    In 2) we have:
    *Module & Version
    *Database & Version

    *Test step id
    *result (pass, fail, unable to test)

    At the bottom of column Iteration we have the statistic result of the iteration, these are:
    *No TC available
    *No TC executed
    *No TC passed
    *No TC failed
    *No bugs observed

    and also:
    *Starting date
    *Endind Date
    *Version of Test Case document used in that iteration

    We like to keep the result in this separate excel file (Test Result Record) so we can have one column per each iteration tested for the same Version.
    This helps you analyze what Test Cases are failing in more than one iteration, what other test cases are you are not able to run (unable to test) because of that bug, be aware if the bugs are all around some specific functionality, etc...

    Hope this helps!

    Claudia G. Rodriguez
    Claudia G. Rodriguez



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