We are going to install TeamTrack 5.6 in a big environment.We are going to use Oracle database as backend.We are using Win 2000 Advanced Server as Application Server with IIS 5.0 Web Server.Oracle Database will be mounted on the UNIX server.
I am working on the Implementation Plan. I need to provide Oracle DBA team with the information about their responsibilities in the Team Track 5.6 implementation. I didn't get much information about "Oracle Installation and Support" for TeamTrack installation from Knowledge base or from Customer support.I need answers to questions like.

1)How to configure Oracle Client which will be installed on Application Server with Oracle Server.
2) How many tablespaces should Oracle DBA create after creating a database and what are they?
2) What priveleges does Team Track Administrator requires to create projects.
3) For what Administrative activities does TeamTrack Administrator needs Oracle DBA's help and Oracle Sys user id.
4)If we have to create 20 projects. Does Oracle DBA needs to create 20 schemas? or does Team Track creates schemas when we create Projects (TestDirector creates schemas by itself when we create projects)
5) You do not need a separate tablespace for the indexes. Again, the schema and the appropriate indexes are created and maintained by TestDirector. -- Does Team Track also work in the same way.

Can anyone who already implemented TeamTrack 5.6 with Oracle database, give me some details and your experiences.
I appreciate any kind of help regarding this



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