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    Need suggestions for a Testing Tool - Test Cases, Bug Tracking and Email

    Hello All,

    I'm new to messaging board and have gotten great information from the various conversations. I am in need of a tool that contains the following features: Test Case template, tracks bugs, has the ability to email the bugs, generates reports, and automatically numbers the test cases and bugs. In the pass I've used an Access database created by a fellow Tester. Does anyone know if a tool exists that contains the required features? Thanks for any and all suggestions.


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    Re: Need suggestions for a Testing Tool - Test Cases, Bug Tracking and Email

    Take a look at http://www.qalinks.com/Tools/Defect_Tracking/
    and you will see lots of bug tracking systems are listed there.
    Or, go to any search engines and type
    bug tracking, you will get what you want.

    With regarding to bad or good, it is really something that depends on what you need, so the best judge is yourself. If you are going to use a tool for a few years or so, it is better you do your own investigation and not just listen to others (you should though).

    my 2-cents.

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    Re: Need suggestions for a Testing Tool - Test Cases, Bug Tracking and Email

    It sounds like your looking for more of a Test Case and Defect repository than purely a defect tracking system. Depending on what tools your working with and your budget Mercury TestDirector (TD) should meet all your requirements. I've used this tool on a number of engagments with good success.

    It's not cheap, but it will do everything you want including:

    -Autonumber defects
    -Provide templates for test cases. You can write TC's in Word or Excel and directly upload them to TD.
    -Serve as Test Case repository
    -Provide notification - you can setup email notification when new bugs are added to the sytem. In the past I have used this feature to auto notify developers when something in their particular application has failed.

    The only thing TD won't do is automatically number each of the test cases.

    I don't know about any of the other applications listed in the link provided by BillHen. Depending on budget and requirements you may want to look at some of those as well. If your planning on using Mercury products in the future, TD is the way to go.

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