Source code of GRAN PM (web-based bug tracking software) is available
for free now. Also we provide free online service with no time or storage limitation for small teams and extended service
($9/user/month) for larger teams.

1)Submit bugs from your website for free.

2)Employee time tracking and reporting capability. Generate timesheets
and task schedule based on task description and notes.

3)Supports bugs and users hierarchy. This allows collecting all
projects and bugs into a single tree. This feature is closely
integrated with report generation and security.

4)Allows to track multiple modules or multiple releases within a
single defect. This allows each module or release within a defect to
be tracked independently. When all modules are closed, the defect may
be moved to closed status.

5)Comprehensive (role and hierarchy based) security allows multiple
isolated teams work on different projects, bugs or tasks. Extended
services include the SSL support.

6)Supports permanent task filters based on complex criteria. For
example you can use such filters to quickly access the overbudget and
overtime tasks, to perform the full text search, etc.

7)Supports bug history tracking.

8)Custom fields can be added to tasks and users to capture the company
specific information. Child task (or user) inherits all custom fields
of parent tasks (or parent users). This feature lets you easily
customize any project, task, or team related to your company.

9)Analytic text and HTML reports.

10)Supports user notification with html e-mail messages.

11)Supports file uploading.

12) Allows to export any project or task to XML for free.

13) Based on Java/ORACLE technology.

14) All features are accessible through standard Web browser
interface. No additional software is required, just register and start

15) Free of banner ads.

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