I currently have a defect tracking system in place. I use Rational ClearQuest. My problem is that we have two distinct product lines and we separate their respective defects by "Project", "Product", "Test category", "Priority", "Platform", "Product Version" and several other elements. Our two main products were based on the same code, but now have changed to serve different markets. Their versions, features, capabilities now are much different. Lets say we find a defect in version 5.0 of ProductA. It may very well be a defect in version 3.5 of ProductB, but they don't correlate and things tend to slip through the cracks. To better track things, we decided to change the "Product" categories to the following: ProductA, ProductB, and CoreProduct(probably exists in both). However, if I have a bug fix in ProductA 5.0 and it is now fixed. This may be in ProductB 3.5 as well. I have trouble tracking those defects and I was hoping some of the other experts in Defect Tracking analysis have any suggestions/input.