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Thread: Status of Bug

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    Status of Bug

    Plz tell me what are the main status of defect and who sets it.Plz give me brief reply becoz i am going to use it in defect report.

    ThanK you.

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    Re: Status of Bug


    "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."
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    Re: Status of Bug

    The status of the bug changes from the time when it is created.
    That could be New,Assigned To,Reproduced,Fixed and Closed.

    That changes from company to company.
    No particular standard is maintained.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Status of Bug

    If find any defects then it only sets by QA or software tester
    1)If the defect is Failed then How the defect display it?
    Critical,Major,Minor,Average or option with the status of open

    this decision is taken by QA or software tester

    2)If the defect is Passed then How the defect displayit?(As per statement 1)
    If the defect is working properly then in the particular defect Id this status has been close .

    this decision is taken by QA or software tester

    Hope my reply is favorable and hope you are satisfied.

    this decision is taken by QA or software tester
    Jinal shah

    software tester

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    Re: Status of Bug

    Bug Life Cycle

    1. New
    2. Assign
    3. Fix
    4. Verify
    5. Closed

    But there might be chances that during Verify the QA might find it that the problem has not been fixed then again it can reverted back to Developer and status might change from Fixed to whatever which depends on the bug tracker.

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    Re: Status of Bug

    As per my knowledge goes-
    Status of defect from Developers point of view-

    New,Open,In process,Pending Validation,Post production,Close or fix.
    Details are-
    'New'-when defect is raised by user/tester.
    Note-its not assign to any developer yet.

    'Open'-when defect is assign to any developer to resolve it.

    'In process'-when developer fixes it,it goes to testing team to verify it.

    'Pending validation'-once testing team verifies defect,
    it directs to Quality Analyst team to test it.

    'Post production'-once defect validate by Quality Analyst team,defect will fix will deploy in production.

    'Close or Fix'- Lastly defect is closed by person who raised it.

    Status of defect from Testers point of view-

    I think defination itself is self-explanatery.Would like to express little bit on 'Deferred status'.
    Deferred status- when defect is directed to next release to get resolve, after discussion with developers and Project managers.

    I hope you are satisfied with my view.Any reply on this ,is highly appreciable [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]




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