Hello guys,

I am trying to setup CVSNT for windows on a WindowsXP Pro machine. I need some help in this. I was going through the link:


and there it is mentioned that using SSPI protocol is recommended to have better security. But how to set it up and use it? With sspi protocol will we be managing (creating users & repositories, check in & check out etc) CVSNT through the command prompt? It is not clear in the document. Someone please help.....

Also can downloadable version be installed in a network, so that more than one user can use this? How to do it? Should I download and install the same software in all the machines?

I just have used the checkin & checkout commands using pserver protocol in my previous company. And in my current company, they have given me the responsibility to install & setup. Please forgive my ignorance and help me :-(

Ginu Richard Varghese