I wanted to get some input on this and hopefully you guys can share your opinions and all.

Is it a good idea to PROMOTE code artifacts in a CM system IMMEDIATELY after a deployment? I'm using the term PROMOTE in relation to PVCS. PROMOTE meaning to progress through the standard phases of DEV/QA/PROD (which is the simplest of forms). So, for those items going to DEV. Would it be a good idea to deploy to DEV and then promote? The same with QA and ultimately to PROD (of course over time.) It is known WHAT ARTIFACTS are deployed and therefore it is known WHAT ARTIFACTS to promote.

My thought is NO, that is not done. The promotion is a stamp for acceptance for deployment. It would be like making 100 cars and then saying the model is production ready.

But then again, we know exactly what ARTIFACTS will be deployed but it is document based. The document itself is stored in PVCS but if something ever changes on the process it is more volatile than the PVCS promotion before the deployment.

However, I still stand with the thought of NO because the stamping for acceptance and proven unquestionable aspect by the promotion being done prior to the build tool deploying.

Thoughts/opinions/input. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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