I am seeking guidance on the most appropriate manner to maintain the CUSTOM.pll, from a CM perspective.

As I understand it, Oracle Developer 2000 uses "pld" files and its own libraries to generate "pll" files, which are ultimately compiled into "plx" files. The Oracle apps provide a "CUSTOM.pll" as a way to customize the system. We have developed that pll to call module-specific plls (e.g., CUSTOM.pll will call AP.pll).

Currently, we have copies of the pld files and libraries on a network drive, and keep the pll files locked away in Visual SourceSafe. Developers will check the pll out of VSS, develop against the network files on their PCs, and check the pll back in for promotion and testing.

We sometimes experience seemingly "random" and inexplicable issues when we update the pll files. We get the impression that it might be because we are not updating the pld files and libraries. Do those files need to be locked down as well? We had the understanding that those files are stable - how and when might they be changed?

If anyone can shed any light on this, we would appreciate it.