Hello Everybody

We are developing an ERP application consisting of 7 modules, and some of the modules are in the development stage, I am confused on how we should go for in forming a build plan for this project. In smaller projects where the application is consisting of smaller sub-systems, we can plan the build by having those units or modules ready for forming a build which are closely integrated or which have an effect on each other, i mean to say we can define a build as the entire project is in the development stage.

Now in this case (i.e. ERP) each module within the project in itself is a big project in itself, I mean to say if the ERP is consisting of say sales, HR and finance module, the sales module in itself is a large project.Now some of the portion in sales module depends on HR, some on finance and some on others. So while the development of Sales module is going on, how can we plan builds of sales module as when the development of sales module is nearing completion, it is possible that Finance module has just entered the development phase and other modules might have just entered the design phase.So should we:

1) Prepare the build only of those functionalities concerning the module to be tested
2) Wait for the other modules to get completed to test the inter-dependencies or integrations between modules.

Thanx in advance


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