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    How to control the AUT

    I hope this is the right place to post this..

    I am facing an issue: The developers create a package and install it on one of my QA servers, then as I am testing, they may change files, without me knowing.

    Later on, after I complete testing, the application that it is "packaged" for production, sometimes is missing some files, or are not the same files I tested.

    HOW CAN I AVOID THIS? obviously asking them not to do this, has not worked so I need a way to verify the release I am testing is not altered while testing and that the release is packaged, is identical to what I tested.

    This is a classic asp , robust application + msSql.

    Is there any tool or what can I do?

    Thank you.

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    Re: How to control the AUT

    I feel your pain but communication is the only suggestion I have. Either they need to communicate to you when files are updated or you may have to go in yourself and try to determine if files have changed.

    Can you test in a database that will return a hard halt if you are missing a new file? Then you will know because of the hard halt to go and copy the file over. However, that would only help with missing, not updated, files.

    I try to never test in the same db as the developers so I know nothing is hardcoded to that db, which has happened in the past.

    You shouldn't have to rebuild/recompile every time you sit down to test but until they understand your situation [back to communication], you may have to temporarily do something periodically to confirm you have the latest & greatest.

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    Re: How to control the AUT

    if you have not mannaged to get co-operation then you may need to be a bit harder on the developers. Ultimitely it is in everyone's interest if the deployment in the various environments is controlled.

    If it is a QA server you are responsible for and the configuration is an issue the you could try denying the developers access and get them to deliver something your team can install or access is via some mechanism that notifies you of changes. This isn't always practical, but if the developers have sloppy habits then you need to take some control to get them working in a better fashion.

    Another approach is to get the developers to write a script that will give all the configuration data for each environment and highlight differences. You should probably have this anyway.
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