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    Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla


    I have started working for a company who have no test management or defect tracking tools. Having previously used Mercury Quality Centre i have put this suggestion forward although the company are firstly wanting to go with some open source software to 'see how it goes'.

    I have previoulsy used Bugzilla on the defect management side and have found a test management tool called TestLink.

    Apparently these two can be integrated.

    My 1st question is has anyone actually done this and how is it going?

    My 2nd question is which versions of each best integrate and which are the most reliable?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.



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    Re: Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla

    Also, i notice you can also integrate the Mantis defect tracking tool with TestLink. If anyone has any experience of this i would also like to hear your comments on how you have implemented this and how successful (or not) it has been.

    Thanks Again,


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    Re: Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla

    Hi Mike

    I'm using both in my job. As far as I can see, there isn't any other way to integrate both than including links in one to the other. (If you open a bug, you can add the link in the test case execution).

    Why don't you try to install Testopia? Is the testing managment tool to Bugzilla.


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    Re: Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla

    Thanks for that. When you say you are using both, which two do you mean? And how successful has it been?

    I thought about Testopia, but thought with it been fairly recent it might be a bit buggy??

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    Re: Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla

    I'm using bugzilla and TestLink. I think that TestLink could be better, but is easy to use, fast .... the server is my own PC (ubuntu 6, Apache, MySQL) and it runs very fast.
    When I found a bug in a test case, I insert it in bugzilla and add a link in TestLink.

    I didn't use Testopia, so I can't tell you about it.
    If you have installed bugzilla, try to install Testopia. Maybe it meet your need.

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    Re: Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla

    I need some infomations from you. Is it possible to integrate the testlink with Bugzilla.if yes, can you just give some informations regarding that?
    Thanks in advnce for your reply,

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    Re: Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla


    Which tool did you end up using? I have 3 environments set up now that I am researching: Testopia with Bugzilla, TestLink with Bugzilla, as well as something called SalomA - which looks pretty cool other than it's programmed mainly in French - but have recently run into a problem with it not being able to integrate with Bugzilla.

    Just curious what you chose and what your experience was!



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    Re: Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla

    I also want to know please if any one can help ?

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    Re: Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla

    there is a way of integrating
    but i m facing problems :
    I have installed Testlink 1.7.5 and Mantis 1.1.6 and both are working perfectly fine on theit own.I want to integrate the two but even aftre following the instructions,I have not been possible to do so.Please help ASAP.
    Below is a description of what I have done :

    Mantis :
    Server name : localhost
    Database name : db_mantis
    Username : root
    Password : ' '

    Testlink :
    Server name :localhost
    Database name : testlink
    Username : priya
    Password : admin

    Steps Followed :

    In thetestlink-> mantis.cfg.php file :

    /** The DB host to use when connecting to the mantis db */
    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_HOST', 'localhost');

    /** The name of the database that contains the mantis tables */
    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_NAME', 'db_mantis');

    /** The DB type being used by mantis
    values: mysql,mssql,postgres
    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_TYPE', 'mysql');

    /** The DB password to use for connecting to the mantis db */
    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_USER', 'root');
    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_PASS', '');

    // define('BUG_TRACK_DB_CHARSET',"gb2312");
    // define('BUG_TRACK_DB_CHARSET',"UTF-8");

    Created anonymous account with viewer access to all projects :
    username : test
    password :

    In mantis->config_inc.php :

    # Allow anonymous login
    $g_allow_anonymous_login = ON;
    $g_anonymous_account = 'test';

    In custom_config.inc.php :

    /** [Bug Tracking systems] */
    * TestLink uses bugtracking systems to check if displayed bugs resolved, verified,
    * and closed bugs. If they are it will strike through them
    * NO : no bug tracking system integration
    * BUGZILLA : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/bugzilla.cfg.php
    * MANTIS : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/mantis.cfg.php
    * JIRA : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/jira.cfg.php
    * TRACKPLUS : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/trackplus.cfg.php
    * EVENTUM : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/eventum.cfg.php


    this is how to do :


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    Re: Integrating TestLink with Bugzilla


    I am using Bugzilla 3.4.1 and I have try to integrate it with Testopia 2.2 it is not really support and infact there are things that doesn't work fine.

    If you are goig to integrate Bugzilla and Testopia, take care of the versions


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