Hi. Has anybody brought information from Bugzilla into DOORS at any point for any reason(e.g., to initiate requirements in DOORS from a defect request entry in Bugzilla, or to be able to have DOORS display status of Bugzilla defects and view traceability from the defect report back across a specific test case, use case, technical requirement, business requirement....

If so, was there a third-party tool that existed for this integration, or did you have to do major work tapping into the DOORS API and writing lots of dxl scripts to exchange the data you wanted to share between Bugzilla and DOORS?

My boss is committed to Bugzilla and wants us to make it interact with DOORS, rather than switch to defect tracking in a different tool with which DOORS already has official integration (Test Director, Synergy, ClearQuest, T-Plan...).

Any experiences anyone can relate in terms of connecting Bugzilla and DOORS will be greatly appreciated.