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    I don\'t send email in Bugzilla.

    When the new user sign up in the Bugzilla, the system will send the email containing the password to user depending on user's email. But I don't receive this email. Help me setup email for Bugzilla. Thanks.

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    Re: I don\'t send email in Bugzilla.

    Your companies email firewall or security may be blocking this

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    Re: I don\'t send email in Bugzilla.

    From: http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/tip/htm...il-nonreceived

    "A.4.6. How come email from Bugzilla changes never reaches me?

    Double-check that you have not turned off email in your user preferences. Confirm that Bugzilla is able to send email by visiting the "Log In" link of your Bugzilla installation and clicking the "Email me a password" button after entering your email address.

    If you never receive mail from Bugzilla, chances are you do not have sendmail in "/usr/lib/sendmail". Ensure sendmail lives in, or is symlinked to, "/usr/lib/sendmail"."

    And two questions that aren't explicitly answered in the original post:
    1. Are you trying to set up Bugzilla? If so, then I'm guessing that you're missing a configuration step or two.
    2. If you are trying to utilize an already set up instance of Bugzilla, then you'll probably want to work with the administrator of that Bugzilla instance.
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