Hi Team,

We installed Bugzilla and struck with some issue at final step.

Issue Description: Unable to launch BUGZILLA

Installed Bugzilla with below steps as mentioned in url: 3.3. Windows ? Bugzilla 5.1 documentation


1.Installed Strawberry Perl and Git.
2.In Git command prompt, ran the below command:

git clone --branch release-X.X-stable https://git.mozilla.org/bugzilla/bugzilla C:\bugzilla

Result: this will create C:\Bugzilla folder with files including localconfig.
3.In PERL command prompt, verified all Perl modules and reinstalled missing ones with help of perl install-module.pl <module name>

Ex module names: GD,Chart etc.
4.Started Apache and MySQL with help of Xampp(These steps were performed as a part of section 3.3.4 and 3.3.5 in url).
5.Created new database for Bugzilla in XAMPP >Admin of MySql
6.Go to created C:\\bugzilla folder and open localconfig file and provided DB User: ’bug’ ,Password: ’bug’ ,DB name: ‘bug’.
7.Ran checksetup.pl to verify database details.
8.Tried launching Bugzilla with below commands:

testserver.pl /Bugzilla

testserver.pl /bugzilla/Bugzilla

testserver.pl OpenX /bugzilla/Bugzilla

It says: your webserver could not fetch http://localhost/bugzilla/padlock.png