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    Capability of Bugzilla tool


    In our project, we are planning to use "Bugzilla Tool" for defect tracking. We have not installed it yet? So, my first question is:

    1. What are the prerequisites to install Bugzilla tool?(Considering i want local server to maintain all the bugs)

    2. Using Bugzilla, whether we can do tracking of entire bug-life cycle and while installing can we configure Defect Management system?

    Here, "Defect Management system" means below:

    a) Defect logging + tracking it to closure.
    b) Analysis of the defect trend.
    c) Ways to configure the frequencies of Defect Prevention meetings.
    d) Tracking of action items of RCA(Root Cause Analysis) to closure.

    Please let me know if my question is not clear. I shall be more than happy to give clarity on this.

    Thanks in advance,

    Rohit Kumar Sinha

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    Please note that Bugzilla is an open source software (free), hence it does not have all the functionality you are looking for. However, it is a pretty good tool.
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    While I haven't used 'zilla much (just a test install on a VM to familiarize myself with the tool and get a feel for its capabilities).

    1. You need a webserver with the proper tools installed. Installing it can be relatively easy if you're familiar with web server maintenance and configuration. If not, then I suggest you follow the instructions on bugzilla.org carefully. Note that installing it on Windows can be simplified tremendously if, instead of installing Apache and PHP separately you use Wamp server.

    2. a) Yes. It also lets you customize your defect lifecycle and specify authorized status changes (e.g. a defect can't go from "WIP in Dev" to "Closed" without first being assigned status "WIP in Test" - or however you want to call your different statuses), authorized status owners, etc...
    d) While I don't remember if Root Cause was a default field, you can create your own custom fields, so tracking RC is definitely a possibility.

    As for the others, I haven't really used it beyond the initial configuration, so I haven't gotten 'round to using any of these features...



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