No more RC2. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

New Features and Improvements

- Automatic Duplicate Detection When Filing Bugs
- New Advanced Search UI
- New Attachment Details UI
- Autocomplete for Users and Keywords
- General Usability Improvements
- New Default Status Workflow
- "Last Search" Now Remembers Multiple Searches
- Cross-Domain WebServices with JSONP
- Major WebService Enhancements
- Mandatory Custom Fields
- Voting Is Now An Extension
- Users Get New CSS and Javascript Automatically
- Many New Hooks
- New Apache Configuration

Now, everywhere in Bugzilla where you can enter a date, there is a Calendar widget where you can select the date on a calendar.

The big icons on the front page have been replaced with much nicer icons, thanks to Jon Pink of J. Pink Design!

Bugs: When filing bugs, you will now be warned if you forgot to fill in any mandatory fields, before the page is submitted.

Bugs: When filing a bug, you can hover your mouse over any of the field labels on the page to get a brief description of what that field is and what its purpose is.

Bugs: When adding Hours Worked to a bug, you are no longer required to comment.

Bugs: There is now a user preference for whether the comment box appears above or below the existing comments.

Bugs: Bugzilla will now send an email for every comment that you mark or un-mark as being private. (Previous versions of Bugzilla did not send emails to users about this change.)

The state of comments being made private is also now stored in a bug's history.

Bugs: The box to "Add Bug URLs" in the See Also field is now hidden behind an "(add)" link that you have to click to see the box.

Searches: You can now properly search for field values that have commas in their name, when using the Advanced Search form.

Searches: The "URL" field can now be shown as a column in search results.

Searches: When viewing a search result, you can now click on the Summary of the bug in order to go to the bug-view page, in addition to being able to click on the bug ID.

Searches: When doing a search using the "quicksearch" box in the header or footer, the box will still contain what you searched for when viewing the search results page.

Searches: Multi-select custom fields can now be shown as columns in the search results.

Searches: When using the Boolean Charts (now called "Custom Search"), if you specify both a criterion for an attachment and a criteron for a flag, then only bugs that have attachments with that flag will be found.

Searches: If you hover your mouse over the field labels on the Advanced Search page, you will get a description of what that field is.

Searches: When searching via a saved search, if you accidentally click on "Forget Search", there is a link to undo it.

Searches: When using the Boolean Charts (now called "Custom Search"), you can search for values "greater than or equal to" or "less than or equal to" some value.

Flags: If you hover your mouse over the name of a flag setter when viewing a bug, you can see that flag setter's full name and complete username.

Flags: When setting a flag on a bug, the box for entering a requestee does not appear until you set the flag to "?", now.

Flags: On the "My Requests" page, bugs that are restricted to certain groups now properly have the "padlock" icon shown next to them to indicate that they may contain confidential information.

When using the Reports interface, you can now choose many more fields as the X, Y, or Z axis of a report, including custom fields.

Bugzilla now prevents Internet Explorer 8 and later from attempting to render text/plain attachments as HTML.

If you receive a Whine mail that is empty, there will now be a brief message explaining that your search found no results.

The Field Help Page now contains a description of every single field that can be on a bug in Bugzilla.