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Understanding JMeter Element- JMS Publisher Sampler

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by , 06-21-2015 at 02:19 AM (1324 Views)
Understanding JMeter Element- JMS Publisher Sampler

JMS Publisher will publish messages to a given destination (topic/queue). For those not familiar with JMS, it is the J2EE specification for messaging. There are numerous JMS servers on the market and several open source options.

JMeter does not include any JMS implementation jar; this must be downloaded from the JMS provider and put in the lib directory


Name- Descriptive name for this element that is shown in the tree.
use JNDI properties file- use jndi.properties. Note that the file must be on the classpath - e.g. by updating the user.classpath JMeter property. If this option is not selected, JMeter uses the "JNDI Initial Context Factory" and "Provider URL" fields to create the connection.
JNDI Initial Context Factory- Name of the context factory
Provider URL- The URL for the jms provider
Destination- The message destination (topic or queue name)
Setup- The destination setup type. With At startup, the destination name is static (i.e. always same name during the test), with Each sample, the destination name is dynamic and is evaluate at each sample (i.e. the destination name may be a variable)
Authentication- Authentication requirement for the JMS provider
User- User Name
Password- Password
Expiration- The expiration time (in milliseconds) of the message before it becomes obsolete. If you do not specify an expiration time, the default value is 0 (never expires).
Priority- The priority level of the message. There are ten priority levels from 0 (lowest) to 9 (highest). If you do not specify a priority level, the default level is 4.
Number of samples to aggregate- Number of samples to aggregate

Message source- Where to obtain the message:
From File : means the referenced file will be read and reused by all samples
Random File from folder specified below : means a random file will be selected from folder specified below, this folder must contain either files with extension .dat for Bytes Messages, or files with extension .txt or .obj for Object or Text messages
Text area : The Message to use either for Text or Object message
Message type- Text, Map, Object message or Bytes Message
Use non-persistent delivery mode? - Whether to set DeliveryMode.NON_PERSISTENT (defaults to false)

JMS Properties- The JMS Properties are properties specific for the underlying messaging system. You can setup the name, the value and the class (type) of value. Default type is String. For example: for WebSphere 5.1 web services you will need to set the JMS Property targetService to test webservices through JMS.
For the MapMessage type, JMeter reads the source as lines of text. Each line must have 3 fields, delimited by commas. The fields are:
Name of entry
Object class name, e.g. "String" (assumes java.lang package if not specified)
Object string value
For each entry, JMeter adds an Object with the given name. The value is derived by creating an instance of the class, and using the valueOf(String) method to convert the value if necessary.

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Researched/Authored/Compiled by -
Ronak Shah
Practice Head - Software Testing (QA), CIGNEX Datamatics

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