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Building and Running Test Plan in JMeter

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by , 06-21-2015 at 01:33 AM (94 Views)
Building and Running Test Plan in JMeter

A test plan describes a series of steps JMeter will execute when run. A complete test plan will consist of one or more Thread Groups, logic controllers, sample generating controllers, listeners, timers, assertions, and configuration elements.

 Adding and Removing Elements
Adding elements to a test plan can be done by right-clicking on an element in the tree, and choosing a new element from the "add" list. Alternatively, elements can be loaded from file and added by choosing the "merge" or "open" option.
To remove an element, make sure the element is selected, right-click on the element, and choose the "remove" option.

 Loading and Saving Elements
To load an element from file, right click on the existing tree elements to which you want to add the loaded element, and select the "merge" option. Choose the file where your elements are saved. JMeter will merge the elements into the tree.
To save tree elements, right click on an element and choose the "Save Selection As ..." option. JMeter will save the element selected, plus all child elements beneath it. In this way, you can save test tree fragments and individual elements for later use.
The workbench is not automatically saved with the test plan, but it can be saved separately as above.

 Configuring Tree Elements
Any element in the test tree will present controls in JMeter's right-hand frame. These controls allow you to configure the behavior of that particular test element. What can be configured for an element depends on what type of element it is.
The Test Tree itself can be manipulated by dragging and dropping components around the test tree.

 Saving the Test Plan
Although it is not required, we recommend that you save the Test Plan to a file before running it. To save the Test Plan, select "Save" or "Save Test Plan As ..." from the File menu (with the latest release, it is no longer necessary to select the Test Plan element first).
JMeter allows you to save the entire Test Plan tree or only a portion of it. To save only the elements located in a particular "branch" of the Test Plan tree, select the Test Plan element in the tree from which to start the "branch", and then click your right mouse button to access the "Save Selection As ..." menu item. Alternatively, select the appropriate Test Plan element and then select "Save Selection As ..." from the Edit menu.

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