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Software Testing- Automated Offerings

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by , 03-23-2015 at 11:52 PM (380 Views)
Software Testing- Automated Offerings

Software vendors rely on efficient testing solutions to ensure faster time to market and customer satisfaction. To meet the demand for shorter development lifecycles, testing products and teams must keep pace with how quickly software and hardware are evolving.
Overall, the software testing industry is broad and encompasses many back- and front-end processes. Focus areas include, but are not limited to, compliance, code, functional, integration, interoperability, load, mobile, mainframe, performance, regression, security, stress, usability, and unit testing. Many of these processes are automated to provide faster and more efficient results.

Automated Offerings

Test automation and management software and services improve quality assurance (QA) and functionality throughout the application development lifecycle. The push for multi-channel environments emphasizes the need for efficiency and quality. Testing automation solutions and services are developed to improve a variety of testing processes, offering varying levels of expertise.
CIGNEX Datamatics provides managed services for various testing types, covering significant functional and non-functional testing scenarios. Specific to automated solutions, the company uses various tools and frameworks for both Web and mobile automation to help its clients and QA teams accelerate test automation to generate a higher ROI.

* Ronak Shah, practice head, QA / software testing, CIGNEX Datamatics, suggests that a key differentiator for its service is that it is entirely designed around open-source tools and products. “These solutions are incorporated well within the continuous integration process environment and suitable for all types of software development lifecycles, they can be customized as per-individual enterprise requirements.” *

Hewlett-Packard (HP) provides a number of test automated solutions that cover functional, performance, security, service test automation, and network virtualization. Genefa Murphy, VP, product marketing, application delivery management, HP Software, says many factors differentiate HP from competitive offerings, including flexible deployment models, integration into its developer eco-system, and industry-only network virtualization capabilities.
“Within the HP Network Virtualization capability, automated and optimized results are built into the solution, providing code-level recommendations to enable applications to perform at least 40 percent faster,” says Murphy. “This can be built into customers’ continuous integration and deployment solutions, so automated testing and optimization recommendations are delivered as an automated result.”

IBM features a range of test automation capabilities and services. Moya states that its primary solution is the Rational Test Workbench family of offerings, which includes three components—a test authoring platform, performance test server, and service virtualization offering.
“There are two things that distinguish IBM’s capabilities, the breadth of our solutions and the flexibility we provide in consuming our offerings and services,” says Moya.

On the technology front, the company plans to continue to integrate test automation capabilities into its Rational Test Workbench to support an increasingly multi-channel world. “We can use the same user interface (UI) test across mobile and desktop, combine different types of tests into a multi-channel test scenario, and automatically generate an HTTP protocol level test from a Web UI test to drive large scale performance tests,” he adds. “This level of reuse and integration is critical to improving productivity and accelerating testing when test and delivery cycles are becoming increasingly shorter.”

Borland, a Micro Focus company, offers the Borland Silk family, which is a suite of integrated test solutions that cover functional/unit, performance, mobile, and cross-browser testing, it can be orchestrated and managed from a single-management framework.

Microsoft’s Developer division offers its Visual Studio solution with a Team Foundation server, providing test planning, test case management, and manual and automated testing. It sends high-fidelity defect reports to cloud-based or on-premises ALM solutions including Virtual Studio Online or Team Foundation Server.

“Visual studio online is free to get started and Microsoft just released Visual Studio Community 2013, a free, fully supported version of Visual Studio for non-enterprise users, making the industry’s most extensive integrated development environment more easily accessible to every developer,” says Brian Harry, corporate VP, Microsoft Developer Division, Microsoft. He explains that Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, and Visual Studio Online have products appropriate for all developers, including both startups and enterprises, and allow teams to build applications based on specific software needs.

Neotys offers performance and load testing tools. The company has two software solutions for Web and mobile applications, NeoLoad for load testing and NeoSense for performance monitoring. Both NeoLoad and NeoSense enable development, quality assurance, and IT operations to quickly and efficiently test and monitor the quality, reliability, and performance of applications. The company also provides service packages for organizations who want testing and monitoring experts to give them the results they need quickly. “More than 1,500 organizations globally have selected our solutions because they are agile, automated, easy to use, and support all rich Internet applications and mobile technologies,” comments Jonathan Bracken, VP marketing, Neotys.

He explains that if mobile users are accessing your applications, NeoLoad provides test realism with built-in device simulation and network emulation. “With its continuous integration server integrations and ability to integrate with Selenium, Perfecto Mobile, and others for end-user experience metrics under load, NeoLoad enables testers to automate a holistic view of the application’s performance. “With the recent launch of NeoSense performance monitoring, Neotys now offers the ability for QA, operations, business, and IT teams to see a single version of application performance through the sharing of testing and monitoring profiles and insights. The integrated Neotys Cloud platform enables testers to create a new level of geo realism in their testing while providing them with the power to select from a wide variety of cloud service providers to provision their load generation servers within minutes,” says Bracken.SmartBear’s automated testing solution, TestComplete, allows developers to create, maintain, and execute automated tests for desktop, mobile, and Web. Kaul says users don’t have to be an experienced testers to create robust automated tests.

Additionally, the company pursues an unbundled strategy for Test Complete, meaning that desktop, Web, and mobile licenses are each sold separately. “Competitors sell these three licenses as one bundled solution, which makes breaking even on a solution cost lengthier,” says Kaul.
If a tester wants to run multiple tests on different machines, SmartBear’s TextExecute offering is available, which Kaul describes as a less expensive mobile/Web/desktop license that allows testers to achieve distributed testing at a reduced cost.

Reference/extract taken from Software Magazine- http://www.softwaremag.com/not-just-a-test/

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