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Software Testing Company Kualitatem Inc. Organizes Round Table On Data Privacy in HR

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by , 12-18-2014 at 08:45 AM (8093 Views)
Kualitatem Inc, HR Navigator and Lloyd’s Register jointly hosted a round table on Data Privacy and Information Systems Security for Human Resource and Absent Management Systems. Key objective of this round table was to bring awareness about Data Privacy and Security in light of European Union legislation and their technical requirements. The growing number of recent security breaches has left a serious question around data leakage prevention and physical security of information assets. This roundtable was meant to bring awareness amongst all stakeholders and bring forward the challenges faced within the HR systems. Attendees brought in different perspectives of governance, legal, corporate and included mostly C level executives from businesses within the HR and absence management vertical.

Key highlight of the event included the launch of the Data Privacy Certificate “Veilig HR Systems” with joint collaboration of HR Navigator, a reputable name in the domain of HR Systems in The Netherlands, Kualitatem, a market leader in independent testing and quality assurance services including Penetration Testing services for enterprise software solutions, and Lloyd’s Register a global name in the field of Audit and Compliance.

Jamil Goheer, Co-Founder and CEO of Kuaitatem Inc. (Software Testing Company) comments: "Increasingly we have come across applications which seem very secure but when assessed from the hardware, network and data perspective, there are gaps that are often ignored leaving them vulnerable to malicious user who are at times insiders. Kualitatem Inc is proud to contribute to the development of the certificate and has ensured that customers complying with the certficate are able to get value of practical siginificane. Our constant R&D on finding new security vulnerabilities put us in a unique position and helps our customers in being aware of such existing threats and proactively resolve them. Depending on customer need, we also go a step ahead in looking for security issues at application code level. We have a long term commitment to this certificate and will continue to increase the value of this certificate for our customers and partners in Europe and beyond. "

Marco De Zeeuw, Partner at HR Navigator highlighted the benefits of the certificate, “ We have been working in the domain of Absence Management Systems for almost a decade now and we have seen this industry change its course and grow. With the industry growth we have seen immense challenges in the area of application security and we came across a specific need for a certificate which covers not just process and physical security but also application and data level as well. Keeping this in perspective, we developed this certificate with Lloyd’s and Kualitatem which gives complete thorough analysis of where an organization currently stands in terms of its security practices. With this round table we were able to bring together the industry and create an awareness related to upcoming challenges at both legal and IT level. With the response we have got so far from the industry we are very confident that this certificate will serve as a standard benchmark for the organizations interested in practical assessments of their infrastructures.”

Reinier Van Es from Lloyd’s Register commented “Lloyd’s Register has a rich history of assessing and ensuring processes and compliance for our customers. We are very satisfied to launch this certificate along with HR Navigator and Kualitatem which is a unique offering. As an auditing and compliance platform we strongly felt for a combination of infrastructure and application level audits and this certificate brings the unique offering to the table for customers. I am very happy to see two of our customers achieving compliance and several more in the process and showing interest..”


Kualitatem Inc.

Kualitatem Inc. is an independent software testing and information systems and security auditing company with offices in California (US), the Middle East and Pakistan. As a software application testing company, Kualitatem has served a global clientele ensuring the quality of their web, mobile and desktop applications across multiple industry verticals. In addition to application testing, Kualitatem provides quality management of information systems and IT infrastructures. We have secured our clients through security audits, defining security architecture, data leakage prevention and penetration testing. Our audit programs covers processes, procedures, controls, data, hardware, software and networks.

Kualitatem Inc. is a well known name among mobile application testing services providers.

Kualitatem has developed flexible and seamless frameworks coupled with range of testing tools that enable us to provide an unbiased and transparent assessment of software quality. This makes us an ideal quality assurance partner for any software vendor or independent technology driven organizations. We have an unwavering commitment towards helping our clients to produce robust, maintainable and reasonably error free software and IT platforms. Roots of the word quality are derived from the word ‘Qualitatem’ in Latin. This reflects upon our philosophy of prioritizing Quality before any other parameter.

Kualitatem Inc. has served over 200 + Clients, tested 350 + Applications, 500.000 + Hours spent in Testing.

HR Navigator

HR Navigator maps current suppliers in the HR domain to organizations that are looking for the most suitable solution for their HR requirements. Therefor annually a thorough survey of suppliers in the market is performed and with advice and recommendation sites like VerzuimSystemen.nl, HRM Software Selector and Arbokiezer.nl requirements and propositions are matched.

In addition, HR Navigator wants a transparent quality and safety level for all services and software applications that are used in the HR domain. This is why the “Safe HR System” certificate was developed. This certificate consists of a set of more than 30 controls that are annually tested by certified LRQA Auditors. One of the controls requires an attack and penetration test ' whereby the security of the systems and services provided in a ‘chain’ of all participants can be guaranteed.

The combination of a process focus on security and privacy within the organization and an 'attack and penetration test' that is an important part of the certificate is absolutely unique in the world.
Certified providers as customers and prospects can show that their 'service' meets highest quality standards.

loyds Register LRQA

Lloyd’s Register (LR) is a global engineering, technical and business services organisation wholly owned by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a UK charity dedicated to research and education in science and engineering. Founded in 1760 as a marine classification society, LR now operates across many industry sectors, with over 9,000 employees based in 78 countries.*

They have a long-standing reputation for integrity, impartiality and technical excellence. Their compliance, risk and technical consultancy services give clients confidence that their assets and businesses are safe, sustainable and dependable. Through our global technology centres and research network, they are at the forefront of understanding the application of new science and technology to future-proof their clients’ businesses. Because of that focus LRQA played an important part during the development of the certificate "Safe HR System".


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