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    support for gui testing

    am using trial version of Test complete 6 to evaluate .Net application that developed using 3.5 framework.

    i need to performance test that windows application..m having following doubts to ask
    1.Does test complete support record and replay of windows application?..
    2. Does it support parameterization and correlation as supported in other tools like load runner
    3. is there any option available to run test complete scriopt in multiple machine at the same time?
    4. Does test complete produce performance metric in its test reports

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: support for gui testing

    1) Yes. TestComplete records and plays back any Win32 application. Depending upon the language of that application and some other settings, the depth of detail available in that recording may vary.
    2) Load Runner is a performance/load testing tool for Web applications. TestComplete does perform those kinds of tests. However, I'm not sure how parameterization applies to load testing. Could you clarify?
    3) TestComplete has a Network suite feature that allows synchronized script execution on multiple workstations
    4) For load testing, there are performance metrics available in the reports. For functional testing, you would have to write your own performance measurement routines.

    Since you have the trial version, perhaps you could clarify what you are trying to achieve with TestComplete and someone here can then help you with the specifics.
    -Robert Martin
    Automated Testing Evangelists
    TestComplete "expert"
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    Re: support for gui testing

    regading parameterization i meant automatic substitution of different set of values for user input during replay to depict real user behaviour

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    Re: support for gui testing

    Using OnHTTPRequest and OnHTTPReponse event handlers, you can alter values during load test. Reference the "modifying traffic" help topics.
    -Robert Martin
    Automated Testing Evangelists
    TestComplete "expert"
    Definition expert - noun - Unknown drip under pressure



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